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Functions of Behavior: SEAT

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Sensory, Escape, Attention, Tangibles

S - Sensory: Behavior provides sensory stimulation to the child and makes the child feel 'good'. These behaviors can occur at any moment and at any time.

E - Escape: This behavior is prevalent when the child wants to get out of an undesired task or situation. Escape can happen when there is too much going on, whether it is in the environment or the work they are working on. Something can be too much for them.

A - Attention: Behaviors for attention are an attempt to get the attention of peers or other people in the general area that the child is in. These behaviors can be seen as an attempt to get the attention of someone who isn't paying the attention they're seeking.

T - Access to Tangibles: The child can show certain behaviors when they are wanting a desired item. These items are highly preferred and can be used to help promote

Approaches to the Functions

For more information: Four Functions of Behavior

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