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Atlantic Autism Services

Atlantic Autism Services, Inc. is the premier provider

for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

in Northeastern North Carolina. 


We believe every client has the ability to develop and reach their full potential. We are committed to providing the highest quality therapy for our clients and their families/caregivers. It is our goal to create meaningful change and growth to promote independence and quality of life.

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Our Mission

We believe individuals of all abilities can achieve independence and surpass their goals. Our staff are committed to providing every client with the most comprehensive program, given their unique and individual needs.  We use a hands-on approach in the design of each program, its implementation, and the direct supervision of every client.  We utilize evidence-based practices to teach and develop skills for our clients.  We believe it takes a village, we empower and strengthen the role of family members and professionals to foster a community of support and understanding.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all individuals are recognized for their strengths, not their deficits, and where all families impacted by autism have access to the services and supports that they need in order to live their best possible lives.

Happy Children

 "If a client cannot learn the way we teach,

we must teach in the way a client can learn."  

-Ignacio Estrada

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