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Easter is here!

Easter signals the start of the spring season! Those who celebrate this holiday gather differently to celebrate new life and rebirth. Activities such as egg hunts, decorating eggs, traditional meals, and visiting the Easter Bunny are typically associated with this holiday season! Traditions are not a one-size-fits-all all. Individuals with Autism may need extra support when being included in these activities.

Include Favorite Foods

Ham! Pot Roast! Lamb! Typical traditional Easter meals might not be a favorite for an individual on the spectrum. Although having traditional meals may be necessary for some, remember your individual when meal prepping. Provide preferred choices; for example, chicken nuggets if that is a favorite meal. Forcing them to eat traditional meals may be aversive. Include everyone by giving them an Easter-themed plate, napkin, or cup. If you plan to attend an Easter meal at a different location than your own house, packing a meal is a great option! Being prepared will allow successful opportunities for your loved one with Autism.

A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

Be creative! Just because one hears the words “Easter Egg Hunt” doesn’t mean you have to go outside and find eggs. Instead of hiding eggs, hide sensory fidgets or another motivating item to encourage them to participate. If the individual does not like crowds, consider a quiet area for them to join in or pair them with a buddy. Egg hunts do not always have to be outside; inside hunts are just as good, too! However you plan your egg hunt, know that you are providing opportunities for your loved one with Autism to be included- and that is all that matters!

Egg Decoration

Easter Egg Decorating 

There can be many challenges that come with this traditional task. Sensory needs, fine motor skills, and the understanding of each step can all be barriers that may block individuals from participating. Just like the Easter Egg hunt, decorating eggs can look different than the typical way. Playdough eggs, Paintball eggs, and dying eggs with rice are just some of the different ways to participate in Easter crafts.


Click here for a resource on various crafts that can be

used in place of the traditional dying technique!


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