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Transitioning into Spring

Spring is here which means warm weather, clocks turn back, and growth! Animals and insects come out to play. Weather is cool in the mornings and then warm in the afternoons. Time outdoors seems more inviting than the cold, harsh winters. Transitioning into spring may bring some joy, but individuals with Autism may need extra support with the changes! Check out our tips below to for support with the transitioning of seasons.

Playing Soccer

Temperate Changes 

Each new season has environmental changes such as the temperature! Individuals on the spectrum may need additional time to adjust. Spring can sometimes be tricky! The mornings can be chilly, while the afternoons tend to get warmer. Include checking the temperature with your individual in their morning routine. This can help them prepare for the day. Include warm, hot, cool, and cold visuals to describe what it feels like outside. This can also help them with transitioning to springtime-appropriate clothing. Another option for describing temperature is using a weather app that can further elaborate. Many weather apps are available for all ages in the App or Google Play store!

Spring Bugs-Oh My!

Along with temperature changes comes the change of different creatures in the spring. Your individual may see other animals and insects that are different from the wintertime. Preparing your individual on the spectrum for these changes can be helpful. As spring approaches, equip them with visuals so they know what to expect based on their environment- insects, birds, rabbits, etc. You can even make a game out of it! Another way to prepare your individual is to do nature walks. Remind them that insects and animals in the wild are not to be touched! Playing “I Spy” or a checklist scavenger hunt can allow them to discover spring creatures in a safe environment. Be cautious if your individual is aversive to particular creatures, and don’t push them past their limits!



Just like with winter changes, spring clothing transitions can be tricky! The weather tends to be cooler in the mornings, and then it is warmer in the afternoon. That makes clothing decisions difficult. Individuals with Autism may like the routine of their winter clothes. When it is time to put away those warmer layers, have your individual help you pack them up. This will signal that they no longer need them. Give your individual the opportunity to pick clothing by providing different options. Allow your individual to pick between a long-sleeved shirt with shorts or a short-sleeved shirt with pants! Provide the option to include a sweatshirt- a zip-up or a pullover! Light layers are beneficial to spring because they allow your individual to determine their own needs based on temperature changes. Although hand-me-downs are “handy,” remember that they may impact your individual’s sensory needs. Sleeves or pants that can be too short or long may be aversive. Spring clothing is not a one-size-fits-all!



Basket of Strawberries

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