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Family at Airport Gate

Ready, Set, Go-
Let's Travel!

Who doesn't like to go on an adventure? Giving individuals with Autism the opportunity to explore and see new places is just as exciting as it is to everyone else. Whether it's a plane, train, car, bus, or uber/lyft- we got you! Check out our top tips and resources to ensure your individual’s trip is successful!

Roadtrip Snacks

Snacks while traveling are always the way to go for everyone! Who doesn't love a sweet, savory, or salty treat while you're on the road?! Planning is key to this tip. Creating a "snack bag" of your loved one’s favorite treats may boost their mood, especially since traveling can be tiresome. Consider a snack schedule. Offering or providing a snack on the hour can help them enjoy their favorite treats without eating all of them at once! However, when traveling be aware of rules that may pertain to food and plan around them. If you cannot bring your loved one’s favorite snacks or drinks with you, look up possible locations where you can purchase them along the way.

Maps are Visuals

Maps are extremely powerful visuals for all human beings. They show us where we are in the world. Include your loved one by allowing them to view the map of your trip- it can be digital or paper! Show them where you are on the journey and possible location makers they might see. Sometimes, it may not be possible to have the map handy, so be prepared. Download the map ahead of time, print multiple copies, or even pick up a paper map. Some locations provide maps of certain areas such as parks, stores, or museums. Providing maps while exploring will help your individual know what to expect.

Smartphone Holder

Explaining Experiences with Social Stories

Traveling is a routine change for individuals on the spectrum. Presenting them with social stories will best prepare them for these situations. By using social stories, we can give them a "heads up" about what experiences they could expect or community members they may meet. Check out the resource section for social stories for all types of travel- plane, train, car rides, bus rides, and lyft/ubers. It may be helpful to download or print a copy of each of them so your individual is prepared!


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CLICK for a FREE social story oAIRPLANES

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CLICK for a FREE social story oTAXIS

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CLICK for a FREE social story oBUSES

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CLICK for a FREE social story oAIRPLANES

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CLICK for a FREE social story oUBER/LYFT

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CLICK for a FREE social story oSUBWAYS

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