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about us

Atlantic Autism Services, Inc. is the premier provider for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  in Northeastern North Carolina and surrounding areas. We provide in-home, in-school, community, and center-based services as well as telehealth appointments.

Therapy Room at Atlantic Autism Services. Shelves with children's toys and books.


ABA is a form of therapy that helps children with autism spectrum disorders. ABA uses a one-on-one teaching approach to help children through reinforcement of desired behaviors. Children diagnosed with autism present with a spectrum of strengths and challenges, require a spectrum of interventions. When your child begins ABA with Atlantic Autism Services, Inc., they will receive an individualized treatment plan customized to their specific needs

What does ABA help with?

Goals are custom-made for each individual child and meet the child in their current circumstance. Goals may work on one or more of the following skills:

Blue Puzzle Piece - Communication and Language
Orange Puzzle Piece - Social Skills
Green Puzzle Piece
Purple Puzzle Piece - Play and Leisure

communication & language



self-care & functional skills

play &


Red Puzzle Piece - Motor Skills



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