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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much ABA can my individual get?
    Age limit based on the insurance plan and clinical recommendation Duration limit based on the insurance plan and clinical recommendation ABA services are authorized for six months at a time. Weekly hours are based on the individual, clinically necessary needs of the child.
  • What can we expect during the course of ABA services?
    Periodically: Re-evaluation and changes to the treatment plan. Every Six Months: Authorized ABA supervisor will request continuation of ABA services. Every Two Years: New referral from your primary care physician or ASD diagnosing provider followed by a new authorization for the next six months of ABA services. Atlantic Autism Services, Inc. strives to ensure all client goals are met throughout the course of treatment. However, barriers to progress may arise that are unable to be mitigated. BCBAs work with clients' parents, family members and other caregivers as well as other treating professionals for continuity of care to address barriers to progress. Treatment outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Atlantic Autism Services, Inc. considers all factors when making treatment recommendations.
  • How much will we pay per appointment?
    Your insurance plan determines how much you’ll pay for ABA services.
  • How can I obtain translation services in my area?
    Atlantic Autism Services will do its best to provide translation services as it relates to ABA services through the following resources. Please note that these resources may not be HIPAA-compliant: Translation Apps Microsoft Translator - Free MediBabble - Free iTranslate - Some free features, but a paid subscription is required to unlock all features Care to Translate - $11.99 monthly subscription We also recommend reaching out to the client's insurance case manager for additional resources.
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